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Sheree Marris

Marine Biologist, Science Communicator, Director, Commentator, Author and Public Speaker

Thanks for diving in a little deeper and wanting to find out what makes Sheree tick (her mum would be happy and you’ve given her ego a little boost). 

Sheree’s happy place is developing innovative projects that bridge the gap between science and the public. Works have included international travelling exhibitions, IMAX movies, documentaries and marine based community engagement projects. She has a number of projects in the pipeline including several documentaries, a campaign in the Saudi Red Sea and a marine exhibition that fuses arts and marine science.


One of Australia’s most dynamic environmental communicators, you can find Sheree sharing her knowledge through; regular television appearances and guest spots on talk-back radio. She’s also a regular contributor to international and national magazines.


Sheree has gained a reputation and profile among the Australian community, national corporate organisations and all levels of government as an expert in her field. She's also recognised internationally and is a part of the Ocean Geographic Society Team.


Her work has seen her awarded numerous accolades including several Young Australian of the Year awards and the Australian Centenary Medal for outstanding contribution to conservation and the environment. She has served on several government boards and committees and is currently the director of several marine conservation organisations. She was also the recipient of a scholarship for the Centre for Sustainable Leadership.


An award-winning author, this creative sea-nymph’s last book was Melbourne Down Under, a stunning photographic book that revealed Melbourne’s best kept secret – a marine environment that rivals tropical reefs in colour and diversity. Preceding this was KamaSEAtra - Secrets of Sex in the Sea, a humorous read about the unique reproductive methods of sea creatures and the parallels they share with humans (don’t judge, yes she’s a little weird, but that’s why we love her and you will too).


Octopuses - Underwater Wonders is going to build on the huge popularity of these books, using Sheree’s creative wit, scientific expertise and conversational style to create a truly captivating book that celebrates these wonderful underwater weirdos on a global platform. 



Published Books

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