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An INK-credible world first book

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Octopuses - Underwater Wonders, is the world’s first book dedicated to… you guessed it, octopuses.


Over 120 pages, readers will discover the breathtaking diversity of the planet’s most extraordinary animals showcased by stunning photography and vivid storytelling.

From contortionists, cannibals, illusionists and even jelly wrestlers, it will comically reveal how we have more in common with these otherworldly animals than we could have ever imagined, while answering fascinating questions about their downright bizarre biology.


Do they really eat through their brain, what was mother nature thinking when she put their mouths in their armpits and why do their colour-changing abilities make the chameleon look like a schlep?


Octopus Energy is named for the adaptability, intelligence, and incredible agility of these most fascinating creatures. We hope this book promotes our passion for protecting our planet, creating positive change, and proving just how awesome octopuses really are.

Greg Jackson

​CEO Octopus Energy

Sneak Peak

In The Media

Feature article scheduled for

Ocean Geographic Magazine

DEC-JAN 2023


Sheree Head Shot 1_edited.jpg


If Sheree had her choice, she would have gills instead of lungs, a breath-hold to rival the sperm whale and a sparkly green mermaid-esque tail. Since she doesn’t she spends most of her time blowing bubbles and developing innovative marine environmental projects that bridge the gap between science and the public.


A born communicator, this sassy scientist is an award-winning author and has several publications under her belt including Melbourne Down Under and KamaSEAtra – Secrets of Sex in the Sea. She’s a TV and radio commentator, features in documentaries and is a regular contributor to Ocean Geographic, Australian Geographic and Club Marine magazines to name a few.



Her work has been recognised with numerous accolades including several Young Australian of the Year awards and Centenary Medal for Outstanding contribution to conservation and the environment. She’s also an Adjunct at James Cook University and a scholar for the Centre for Sustainable Leadership.

Book Launch
23rd June, 2024

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